Vita rustica honestissima atque suavissima: Country life is the most honorable and the most pleasant.

Auctor ad Herennium 2, 3, 4

If this blog gets going, it could cover a wide range of topics, including the life that is worth living (the proper subject of ethics), philosophy of religion, the Catholic faith, computing (Linux, functional programming), travel, languages (Latin, Korean), and music.  In short, much more than country life.

So why the title “Vita Rustica”?  Well, wordpress.com is a very popular service, and many other blog authors had seized the first fifty or so site names that I considered.  Three names were left on my list: fish gall, salapitta (a box on the ear), and vita rationalis (rational life, or life according to reason).  While researching the phrase “vita rationalis” (which seemed a little ponderous), I stumbled upon the quotation from Auctor ad Herennium and thought: Why not vita rustica?  It at least alludes to a kind of happy life — a subject dear to my heart.

2015 June 5–7


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