The First Step

In Jeonju, South Korea, we visited a museum of traditional Korean wine and liquor making. The first step is very important! It is:

Statuette: person calming herself, with sign: calm down feelings
1. Calm down feelings
Perform ablutions and calm down feelings before making wine.

It is the right first step for any kind of productive activity, is it not?

There were fifteen steps, each illustrated by a statuette with a sign:

15 statuettes illustrating wine making steps
15 steps of Korean traditional wine making

The only other one I will comment on is this:

Statuette illustrating step 9: fermentation
9. Fermentation and maturation
Put the mixture in a liquor jar and forbid other people to enter there and ferment wine with devotion

Forbid other people entering the room! Because — we don’t want them drinking it up before it’s time?

We were in Jeonju to visit what I thought was going to be royal tombs, but it turned out to a place for preserving the portraits of kings. I actually liked the wine museum better than the royal portrait hall.

On the way out of the hall, though, we found this delightful bamboo grove:

Bamboo grove

A bamboo grove is an excellent place to calm down feelings.


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