SCOTUS, meaning Supreme Court Of The United States, is the silliest acronym I’ve ever encountered. Since when do little words like “of” and “the” deserve big letters in an abbreviation? Further, “SCOTUS” inevitably reminds me of John Duns Scotus (1265-1368)1. Although the Supreme Court’s decisions are sometimes wise and subtle, they do not come anywhere near the depth of that great philosopher and theologian.

And POTUS? What’s that now, something potable, maybe a water fountain?2

Why have I not yet read of COTUS, SOTUS, or HOROTUS? Could it be because the United States Congress (with its two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives) is totally inconsequential, either in reality, or at least in the eyes of those who make ridiculous acronyms?

1: See Blessed John Duns Scotus – Catholic Encyclopedia; John Duns Scotus – Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

2: William Safire has related some of the surprisingly long history of “POTUS”: On Language – Sotus, Flotus


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